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My first show cat was GP Davisiam Big Money ("Bucky"). After only one show, I was immediately hooked on showing and gladly accepted the challenge of granding his littermate brother CH, GP, RW Davisiam Barrymore ("Barry").

Barry and Bucky, the first two "bruddahs."

The following year I got GP, RW Davisiam Dude, who earned a Regional Win (RW) as well as receiving my first ever "Best Cat" rosette (which would certainly not be the last).

Dude, the third "bruddah"

By this time I had figured that if I wanted to keep up this fascinating hobby I needed to consider "growing my own." While I was considering this, GP, NW Davisiam Rhett Butler showed up in my life. Rhett's whole mission in life was to grand so that his mother could become a DM (Distinguished Merit). Rhett had other plans and ended his show year with a National Win (NW) as well as being the Short Haired Premier of the Year (SPOTY). He came in 2nd.

The elegant Mr. Butler (Rhett), the fourth "bruddah"

I came up with my cattery name of Da Bruddahs to honor these four boys, as they're all brothers (they have different fathers, but CH Chimcheree Chloe of Davisiam DM is mother to all), and without them and Ed Davis, who mentored me, I wouldn't be here. It's also a nod to life in Hawaii, a place that is dear to my husband's and my hearts.

Then...yet another brother, GP, RW Davisiam Chace of Da Bruddahs entered my life, and from there it has been onward and upward!

M.A.M. 2013

Chace, who has extravagant tastes,
became the fifth "bruddah"

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